Student Samina Ali successful placement at Hairdressers Hair Envy

What were you doing before joining the in2work Traineeship program?

“I had already done pretty well in school but struggled with getting onto an Apprenticeship, working with ELS meant that I got the confidence I needed in interview, got to build a new cv and conduct job searches that really made a difference.” 

What support has been offered to you by in2work?

“They helped in many ways, from giving me 121 sessions on interview skills to looking through my options. They even contacted the employers for me when I didn’t want to call to gain feedback so that I could work in it and improve.”  

Is there anything you would like to improve about the programme?

“Not that I can think of.” 

How has the in2work Traineeship helped you?

“Doing the traineeship gave me recent, relevant work experience which helped me secure my apprenticeship. It also built my confidence and sales skills.” 

Would you recommend the Traineeship to friends/family who are seeking to improve their job prospects?

“Yes, I recommended the Traineeship to my younger brother when he wasn’t enjoying college.”  

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