Mohammed Rahib - Successful Placement at Yorkshire Enterprise Network

What were you doing before joining the Traineeship with in2work?

“I was unemployed for some time when I applied for my traineeship. I was with the job centre but not really getting much support. I knew I really wanted to do an apprenticeship but the market seemed so competitive, I didn’t know where to start and not having my maths and English qualifications meant that others had an edge on me”

What support has been offered to you by in2work?

“They helped me a lot actually, I got to improve my maths and English. They were very good at finding out what I wanted to do in the future and helped me with getting infront of employers, gave me interview skills and allowed me to do a placement at YEN where I am currently doing my apprenticeship in ICT”  

Is there anything you would like to improve about the programme?

“The placement was very long but I understand that that’s what I had to do to get to where I am today. I have made my family very proud.” 

How has the Traineeship with in2work helped you?

“The traineeship has given me a career that I struggled to get onto before this. It has helped build my confidence, given me independence and improved my skills and knowledge.  

Would you recommend the traineeship to friends/family who are seeking to improve their job prospects?

“Yes, I recommended the Traineeship to my cousin who has also had an apprenticeship at the end of the placement”  

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