Student Maria Hussain successful placement at Hollywood Bowl

What were you doing before joining the Traineeship with in2work?

“It was the six weeks’ holidays, I had just completed year 12 when I was invited to the Traineeship interview. I thought it would be good for me because I could gain my English and maths qualifications so that I could go to college.” 

What support has been offered to you by in2work?

“I received constant support from both of them. Asma was always contacting me with possible jobs and Tara supported me in class with the learning and gave me revision books to help with my exams. It was good because I didn’t just start the Traineeship and then they just left me to get on with it, they were always helping me and talking to me.” 

Is there anything you would like to improve about the programme?

“No, nothing. It was really good and didn’t take too long to achieve and progress.”

How has the Traineeship with in2work helped you?

“I gained my English and maths, level 2 so I was able to study the course I wanted to at college (Applied Science) and then I can go to University. I also got part time work here, (Hollywood Bowl), I now do 16 hours a week, which fits in around college and gives me some money for travel costs, books, and anything else!”

Would you recommend the traineeship to friends/family who are seeking to improve their job prospects?

“I have already recommended some people. My sister did the Traineeship and she recommended me.” 

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