Student Amirah Bashir successful placement at Lapage Primary School

What were you doing before joining the in2work Traineeship program?

“I was in and out of courses trying to find one that I could stick too improve my Maths and English so that I could move onto an apprenticeship.”

What support has been offered to you by in2work?

“They gave me confidence to believe in my dreams of working with children, I had already completed my level 1 childcare but the because I didn’t know how I could move forward. They helped me gain better qualifications and set up a placement in a nursery, after the placement ended they helped me find an apprenticeship and gave me interview skill.”

Is there anything you would like to improve about the programme?

“Nothing that I can think of. It all ran smoothly and I had no issues.” 

How has the in2work Traineeship helped you?

“It has given me new skills, helped me apply for jobs and gain interview confidence and in the end I ended up doing an apprenticeship in a school which is up the road from me.”  

Would you recommend the Traineeship to friends/family who are seeking to improve their job prospects?

“I would, I sent Asma details of loads of friends after I finished my traineeship.”  

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