Malik House Business Centre - Successful Work Placment and Employment

About us

We are able to provide highly efficient, flexible and cost effective city centre office space, giving you the opportunity to effectively manage change, adjusting the amount of space you need and length of stay as your business plan unfolds.

Our offices have all been renovated to a high standard and combine careful restoration of original features with access to the latest technology.

How has working with In2work Traineeships helped your business benefit?

We have always had a deep passion for working with young people but because of bad experiences we have had with certain training providers we have always held back.

The biggest let down for us as a business was that although some candidates we had offered an apprenticeship to primarily seemed engaged after their first week or two they showed a different side which lacked motivation.

That’s were In2work came in. I was told by their engagement advisor (Asma) that I had the option to interview and then trial the suitable candidate through the traineeship placement.

After much hesitation on my side I decided to give it a go and I am very pleased I did. We have so far recruited 3 candidates though the traineeship programme. Two of which are now employed by us on a permanent contract and one on a Business Administration apprenticeship.

Would you recommend In2work to other businesses?

YES! With no hesitation. They are very good at finding the right match for businesses and always strive to help.

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