Employer: Costa Coffee, Feedback after successful work placement​

About us 

Our coffee is loved. Our stores are warm and inviting. Our express machines are innovative and convenient. But without our people we just wouldn’t be Costa. Together we turn sips into experiences and frowns into smiles.  

How has working with In2work Traineeships helped your business benefit?  

We had just opened the branch in little Germany when Asma came to speak to us about how the traineeship programme can benefit our business. I was very keen as some of the CVs we saw seemed really promising and we knew that we needed someone in the long run so thought this would be the perfect opportunity too find that next recruit.  

It was a fairly simple process and we loved the candidate put forward. She was the perfect match for our business and soon after she finished her placement we offered her a 20 hour contract.  

Would you recommend In2work to other businesses? 

Yes, I will be.  

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