Identifying Barriers to Learning and Progression

by Ammen Ratya 

Working as a Functional Skills (English and maths) tutor, I know identifying a learner’s barriers to learning and offering support during the programme is paramount.

It is important to identify learning barriers very early, freeing individuals to learn new skills and qualities that they can apply in future career opportunities.

I have introduced a lesson called “Overcoming Personal and Professional Barriers”. The lesson starts from the bottom of the tree diagram. Learners need to identify what the underlying issues are that are preventing them from moving forward.

The tree trunk represents where the learners receive support to overcome their challenges and the leaves and flowers represent the learners opening up and being in a position to take their next steps without feeling scared or intimidated.

Learners receive reassurance and coaching from staff and support from their peers. For learners to share their fears and concerns is a major step in their development that is treated with upmost respect and understanding. This is a lesson I encourage all tutors to deliver.

Identifying Barriers to Learning and Progression tree diagram