5 top tips for your first CV

Do you need support writing your first CV?


1. Tailor your CV

Make sure you tailor your CV to every specific job:

1. Read the job description and required skills set.

2. List your key skills and experience.

Why is this important? Recruiters are faced with multiple CVs on a daily basis. Showing that you have the right skills for the role helps separate you from the competition.


2. Keep it concise

1. No more than two pages!

2. Bullet point key bits of information.

3. Address all of the key skills required in the job description but remember that your CV is only the first step.


3. Don’t leave gaps

Leaving gaps in your career history raises alarm bells! Recruiters will ask why there are gaps in your CV. If you do have any gaps in your career, explain this with a suitable explanation. You could have a variety of reasons whether it is a career break or that you went travelling, please be sure to identify what the reason was.

If you undertook any additional training during this period, make sure it’s listed alongside any other activity you undertook which may have helped develop other transferable skills such as communication, teamwork or project management.


4. Check for errors

One of the worst errors for CVs is spelling mistakes. Be sure to proofread your CV. Always check your CV for basic spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It’s a good idea to ask a relative/friend to double check your CV too.


5. Tell the truth

Always tell the truth about your skills and experience. Recruiters may ask you about a certain event or skill on your CV, if you cannot answer this it can look bad.