Our Mission

in2work is dedicated to getting young people into meaningful employment.

What we do

We work with young people who want to work but do not yet have an apprenticeship or a job.

We develop their skills and we find them work placement opportunities with potential employers.

Without qualifications, young people will struggle to progress in the workplace and so we are most keen to progress our candidates into apprenticeships and jobs where we know they will continue to develop and so be able to compete for middle and higher skilled jobs in the future.

Some interesting facts about employment

Employers nationally have reported: –

  • Lack of skills is a major barrier to people entering employment
  • 68% of employers look at the academic level of the candidate when recruiting
  • 56% of employers expect potential recruits to have at least a level 2 English and Maths qualification

A Level 2 qualification is the level most commonly associated with employability and is a strong platform for further skills development and progression into meaningful employment.

The team at in2work are committed to getting our candidates to ‘Level 2’ and finding employment opportunities for our candidates that will develop them beyond ‘Level 2’ and into the middle-skilled (management, clerical, trades, etc.) and higher-skilled job opportunities.

  • Relevant work experience is valued more than any of the other factor when assessing potential new recruits

However, less than 30% of employers offer work experience, mainly because they feel they don’t have the time or resources to manage the trainee.

At in2work we provide support to employers so they feel more able to offer work placement opportunities. We plan out programmes together, we conduct regular progress reviews and we are always on the other end of the phone to take questions and resolve issues.

This means in2work trainees get more and better employment opportunities

Our team

Paul Thompson
Daniel Lacey
Managing Director
Asma Jabeen
Centre Manager Bradford
Carmanita Emajaro
Course Tutor Bradford
natalie jones2
Natalie Jones
Centre Manager Amber Valley
Ammen Ratyal
Course Tutor Amber Valley